hello to everybody, my name is sabrina and well, I am not the one who is suffering from lupus, my mother is. I am from argentina but I am at the moment in the USA. My mother was diagnosed with lupus 20 years ago when I was only one year old. At first, none of the doctors that she contacted could help her figure out what was going on with her, until one day one of them said: "ok I think this is lupus". So she went under hundreds of tests in order to find the right drug for her. She has been taking cortisone and deltisone for 20 years. The disease didn't flare for almost 18 years, until one day that she started to have certain pain in her right wrist. Now she can barely move her right hand. Few months ago, doctors diagnosed her with the sjogren syndrome. She does not produce saliva, so she has to take prescribed drops in order to feel better, but at the same time these drops make her fell drowsy. It is a pleasure for me to have joint to this group, I hope that you can help me help my mother and thank you all of you to be here.
do you think this sjogren syndrome has something to do with lupus?
thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.