I, too, wish that we did not have to deal with doctors who dismiss us or try to make us think that we are losing our minds! But, in the meantime, we all help each other to learn how to stand up for their rights to be taken seriously, to be treated for their symptoms, and to be heard without pre-judgment and biases.
Most of us, like you, had to learn how to stand up due to a health crisis. I hate that it takes this extreme before doctors will listen to us. Sadly, too often it does. But, I am adamant about each of us becoming knowledgeable about our disease and being our own health advocates.
I have a co-pay also, but I am not charged for inoculations or injections. Perhaps it is our particular health plan. I know that my husband pays and exorbitant amount of money each month for our health coverage - it is obscene how much we have to pay! But, with my health issues, my husband says that he will just keep paying it because I need the coverage. He, of course, NEVER gets sick...so all of the medical bills are due to me
I hope your day is relatively pain free and that you are able to enjoy your day.

Peace and Blessings