Hi all. I'm so glad that you're here. My daughter (16) has just been diagnosed, althought i must say i suspected it as we began to go through tests, etc and i did my research. She has missed most of her second semester at school, has had to take a leave from her job, has lost touch with her friends. Luckily, though she is sad and feels awful, she hasn't become depressed. I am counting my blessings for that. Anyhow, I am overwhelmed and scared - what does her future hold? She was started on Plaquenil about two weeks ago, so we aren't seeing any results yet, but am relieved after reading through some of your posts that we can probably expect some relief with it. I don't even know what to ask at this point. I guess one thing is are there any hollistic apporoaches we can take, in addition to the medication route? Our family physician has promoted exercise, and i got her a yoga CD from the library. She said that this felt quite good, and she has done it for several days. The doctor has also promoted swimming. What about massage or hot tubs? I am just searching for something that may give her some relief from the pain. The fatigue, i realize, is another matter. Also, do any of you who have been diagnosed also have family members with autoimmune disease? i have thrombocytopenia, and i'm wondering if there may be any connection. the neurologist said possibly. Anyway, i look forward to hearing from you all, and so appreciate any guidance you can give me.