Hello Everyone!

My name is Lucy I live in Seattle Washington. As you can all tell by my name I have 5 kids! :!: Yes, 5 KIDS! 13 yr old girl, 12 yr old boy, 10 yr old boy, 8 yr old girl and last my baby she is 24 month old on 9/2. And, lupus. I first got sick when I was pragnant with my 4th child. It took ages to get a dx of any kind and 4 MD's and 2 hospitals. It was hard times back then. I was told it was all in my head, that all I had was fibromyalgia.
After changing many doctors and trying to keep my sanity, I found my team of doctors. Since, I have never gone without proper pain control! That was the battle I faced before I found my MD's. Having went through all that I feel I have learned a lot about myself. I learned that places like this (support forums) are a huge source of love, support, strength and great source of inspiration. So I am back. To be part of a support group for other were I can. Get support here and there when I hit bumbs in the road.
To date I have heart, kidney, lung and brain involvement. Today I am fairly well aside from the normal day to day pain. Arthritis in many joints. The constant exhaustion has just become part of my everyday life. Learning to except this newer way of life has been more than a little difficult. I think I am over the hardest parts of it all. Learning to just let things go was the biggest leason. It's ok to have dirty laundry and dishes go undone from time to time. :lol:
Out of my 5 kids, 2 of them have shown signs of auto immune related illnesses also. My oldest has thyroiditis and has been a huge sorce of fear in my life. She has had it now for 2 years. She has blood tests every 6 months and as needed. Recently she now also has knee pain and fatiuge. My middle daughter has a bunch of labs that seem to point to sonething going on. However, as of now has no symptoms. Her ANA has been fairly high since she was 2. She has many others we test every year also.
My youngest son was born with severe asthma that almost took his life at 5 months of age. Seems illness runs in our family. Not to mention in my extented family I have sevral cousins and aunts with diseases from lupus to sclaraderma. And, I was told auto immune diseases don't run in families!
Anyhow, that's abit about me and my family. Can't wait to get to know you all. Thank you for welcoming me into your forum. Be well everyone, ~Lucy