I'm getting so confused. What symptom is from what. I have RA, SLE, Hashi's Thyroid, and ITP. Allot of my symptoms are in each disorder. What is causing what I'm going through. Does it really matter? I guess since they are all basically from the same problem, it makes sense the symptoms would overlap.

What do I watch for, what's next on the agenda for my immune system? What do I watch for so that I can prevent more damage from Lupus. I don't know if what I'm doing in my every day life is causing me more damage. A few weeks before I found out I had Hashi's, I wasn't taking my MTX. I was in one of those, "I don't need it, my RA isn't that bad." way of thinking. Pure denial. Did my not taking my MTX cause my immune system to target my thyroid? If I had known that Lupus was behind all my problems, I wouldn't have stopped taking my MTX.

I do feel relieved that "it" now has a name. I just don't know what happens from here.

Debbie Mc