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    Default second opinion

    Should I get the second opinion before going back in for additional tests with this doctor? I am scheduled to go in to discuss in detail the test results and additional testing that needs to be done. I really need to get as much as possible done before the year ends as we have met our 5,000 deductable for this year. No, i have never taken estrigen. As of now I'm just telling the family that I'm going in for arthritis. I will only tell them about Lupus if it is confirmed and I become so sick that I have no choice. You would just have to know my family to understand. . I am a Christian and live by faith, knowing that God is in control of everything that happens. After much pondering and prayer I don't think anything new has really happened to me. I am just finding out what has already been going on for years. In some ways it is a relief to know that maybe I'm not just imagining things or a weak person.....there really may be a physical reason for my not being able to do as much as I want to do. No, I know I can't handle this alone, but I am determined that I can handle this with God's help. Saysusie, I'm really concerned also about my daughter, age 26. She was diagnosed with JRA at age 14. Then at age 19 a doctor told her that she had fibromyalga and chronic fatigue. she is also allergic to the sun and very sensitive to heat and cold. She is married with two children ages 3 and 4 mo. She has done very well the last four years. She does still seem to sleep an awful lot though in order to function. After reading about this illness I am very concerned for her also. lupus is new to me. I have heard of two people that live in our small town that have it....but I'm not aware of how it affects them. I only know them by name. Thank you for being herre for support and information. I really appreciate it. Blessings

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    Default second opinion

    I would suggest that you go ahead and discuss the results of the tests and additional treatment or tests with your doctor before making a decision about a second opinion. You can ask for another doctor in your HMO as a cost savings. If going to another doctor and re-doing the tests again are going to be cost prohibitive, then stay with your doctor but become an informed patient. Each time you see your doctor, take a list of the questions that you have, if you don't understand what he/she is saying, tell them so and ask for explanations. Read about the medications, know their contra-indications, know what they are for and why. You are also allowed to make suggestions to your doctor - only YOU know your body, be very specific about what you are feeling, when you feel it and describe it to your doctor.
    If you are still disastified, then perhaps you will need to decide if you want to spend the $$$ for another opinion.
    No, you are not imagining things! Everything that you are feeling is real. Your family should also become educated about the disease. There are many books written specifically for family members of Lupus patients - give one to each member of your family as stocking stuffers :-)
    I hope that this has been helpful and I hope that you are able to enjoy your holiday. Stay strong!
    Peace and Blessings

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