I am 24 years old, and was diagnosed with Lupus about two years ago, although after i found out what all of my complaints meant, i realized that i was symtomatic since high school times.
I did an online search this afternoon, and found this website. I read a few of the messages and literally began to cry! I have talked to my doctor, and researched the disease online, but i have never really heard from someone who had the disease. I talk to my family, and they are great, or at least try hard.. but its not the same. I have never talked to anyone else that has the disease, and i never really wanted to. My family is very insistant that i think positive, and believe that if i dont think about it , then its not there. Which is of course insane! because it IS there!
i just moved to a new city ( for work) and i dont really have anyone to lean on... and besides, when i do call home, i feel that i have to say that i am always ok, otherwise they worry too much, or just tell me to be positive...
I guess what i'm after, is someone telling me that its ok that i cant just think this away. I have been having a really hard time these last few days, today at work i felt that i could barely move, but i have recently taken some days off, and didnt want people questioning me too much. So i worked through it, which of course agravates everything.
Overall i'm just very tired. I go to work, and then come home, and just watch tv until i fall asleep... i wish i could do more, but i dont really have the energy or desire for it..
I'm just rambling a bit now, but i was hoping that someone could share something with me, and allow me to share more with them.