A personal invitation for you to become a member of StarBright, the
interfaith prayer group especially for people with lupus. Come and join
other lupies who will pray for you to be well and happy. We will not try to
convert you-we are an interfaith group made up of Protestants, Catholics,
and Jews. We are a moderated group and we will not send you any flaming
posts. We will not send you any discussions of religion or politics-we are not
a discussion group. We will accept you as you are and give you loving,
prayerful support. If you are not happy with us, you can unsubscribe with
a simple email to our list-no questions asked..

We take turns praying for each other on our special day. We assign the
days on a rotation basis. When it is "your day," we encourage you to write
to the group and let us know how you are doing. Of course you can write to
the group at any time with your special requests for prayers.We even have a
photo album to post photos.

Check out our website at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/starbright