My rheumy, bless her, is having me taper down on steroids. Not that I haven't asked - only every month when I see her! I haven't been on high doses for quite a while, but even 10 mg is more than I want to be on. So, I'm now down to 7.5 mg (daily) for about a week now. Today, I felt pretty crummy. My chest pain is back again (mild...but there) and my cheeks are absolutely flaming red. Can 2.5 mgs less prednisone make that much difference? I'm still on cellcept, colchicine, plaquenil (and assorted meds for other things.)

I'm not about to increase the steroids again - I understand that the symptoms will probably go away as my body adjusts to less of the steroid. But, I wonder if others have had similar experiences with a small reduction in steroids?