Ok, here's one that's baffled me for some time. My Dr./Rheumotologist has no info on this either. I have an 8" long scar on my back, between my shoulder blades, to the right of my spine. It's from a car accident back when I was in high school. I forgot all about it for years. Now, when I start to have a flare, it tingles, and burns. It's the strangest sensation. I can feel the sensation exactly where the scar stops on both ends, and nowhere else. The pain is similar to when I had it stiched up 25 years ago. It's very distinct, and not one of the weird "roaming" pains I get. Anybody else have this happen? Sometimes I think many of my aches and pains aren't from the years, but from the excessive miles. I wonder what the heck is going to start hurting tomorrow. One week it's my jaw, then my back, and then behind my eyes. I get sick of this sometimes, but you all know that already. Gotta complain once in awhile I guess.