Aside from the arthritis and the battle of the toe nails which I'm not sure I'm winning...

I frequently have days when I feel that if I step the wrong way...I'm going hear a loud SNAP of a bone breaking. There's a weird tightness (no I dont mean anything to do with swelling ... I'm used to that) this is like brittle bone tight.

To day was a bad day for that...and other things...I'm very tired, cant think straight...cant remember things. I've forgotten more today then I learned all week. I just cant hold information in my mind.

It doesn't help that today was extreamly busy at work...everything I tried to do lead to four more things that needed doing.

I blanked out a few times. The phone would ring and I wondered what that noise was...scarey stuff.

Hoping for a good night's sleep...and wishing the same for you all too