I have not yet begun to deal with this. Im so confused and angry. The sad part about this disease is that you never know how its going to hit you. Im on pins and needles.

I went to the doc on friday and he said to me my labs were back. he proceeded to say that he doesnt believe in sugar coating; YOU GOT SYSTEMIC LUPUS AND THE DISCOID LUPUS WAS A SYMPTOM. I cant remember what he said after that; I just had this slight grin on my face and was just not hearing. I know he said that I have to be supervised and monitored every 3 months. Anyway, I ended up calling him the next day; how I drove home was beyond me. I dont even remember getting in the car. I have to face my family and tell them and I am really having a hard time. They just think i have Discoid Lupus which was my original dx. Gosh I just lost my sister 3 months ago unexpectedly and my brother just had heart surgery...Life can be so unfair. I refused to tell my mother. She is 70 yrs old; she just buried her eldest daughter, I can't see her suffer and worry about me during her last years.