Hi, my name is Cheryl, I'm 47 and I have just been dx with lupus,kinda dx. I took My son to the Dr. Fri. and asked if he had any of my test results back yet.( went for bloodwork 3 weeks before) he said yes they were back and yes I have lupus. He wants more blood work and then when those test come back he wants to see me. He said we will go over everything then. He already has me on predinsone for severe swelling in my feet and hands. He also has prescribed plaquenil, but I'm afraid to take it. He has thought for about 4 years that I have had lupus. Have had the blood work several times. I get this really bad skin rash when I go out in the sun. He said I also have Raynauld's. Could some please tell me something about the plaquenil? All I know is that my Doc. said I would have to have an eye exam every month. TIA