Oh my gosh! I have the same rash! I cant beleive this again! I just scheduled an apppointment with my derm for tuesday because ever since this whole lupus crap i have had these horrible looking spots on my face! little bumps here and red spots there and some are painful and some behind my ears! down my chest and alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over my arms! well okay im making it sound worse then it is, but still its gross i look like i have big red pimple lookin things on my arms!
i will admitt that i would much rather prefer these bumps over my intial rash that i had all over my legs! that was scary and gross nothing will EVER compare to that~ =(
so i am curious tho one of my rhuems wante dme to start ib plaquenl for the skin issues but i find it funny that those of you who are on that med still have MNAY skin issues so hmmmmmm.....Im not going to start taking it if its not goingto make these bumps and issues go away!