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Thread: Lupus on Parade

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    Hi RedLily, I did one of those doctor conferences in December. It wasn't all that bad, and it was what it took to get my doc to start treating me. It still took a couple more months to get on meds simply because I had a bunch of insurance issues and had trouble getting in for the eye exam.

    I had originally seen my GP for what I assumed was 2 separate issues, a rash I'd had for 10 years and severe hand pain. It's funny, I think I could have written these posts! Sounds like we had very similar experiences getting here.

    I've been on the plaquenil for close to 6 weeks now, I still have the rash, and my hands still hurt, but at least there's hope that eventually they'll go away, even if just temporarily!

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    Hi redlily14,

    You should see a rhuematologist every 3 months for blood draws and check ups on the disease since it can progress so fast. Did they run an RF blood draw? RF is for rhuematology factor.

    I talked with my rhuemy today because my hands are stiff in the mornings and I can't make a fist. I was told that this is normal due to blood circulation at night.

    Aches are typical; though I would get into the rhuemy asap and talk to him/her and get blood draws to verify everything is still okay. When you are followed up every 3 months, it's easier to manage the disease for both you and your rhuemy. You are not being a baby!!

    As far as the lupus rashes, you can either use cortisone cream or Triamcinolone cream 0.1% though you will need an rx from your doctor. It is cheaper if you ask for a three months supply and then you have it for when you need it. Mailorder is also cheaper if you are trying to cut costs. I hope this has helped.

    Please keep us updated, and take good care of yourself. Let us know what the doc says.

    Take care,

    Faith 8)

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    RedLily...Parade? Not in a hospital gown I hope...


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    Redlily, lupus symptoms can hit you at any time - new one's, old one's, a new version of an old one!! I was always saying, 'well, at least I don't have joint problems', but now I do....also in my hands. It's particularly my left hand. Stiff, aches, sometimes very hard to grip things. And, sometimes it swells in spots, and even looks bruised - just spontanteously - not from hitting it or anything. Strange. I've also got a rash that has gone from just one finger to the backs of both hands and my forearms (little, bitty blister-like bumps that sometimes itch; sometimes don't.) there you have it. You could get a new, surprise symptom any ol' time. Plaquenil, most likely WILL help...just hang in there.

    My doctor has had an intern with her the last three times I've seen her. No 'parade' though (just one at a time) and she always asks me first - very respectful, I think. But, if you DON'T want to be a 'specimen' for the docs, you have every right to say NO.

    Keep us posted on what your doc finds out.

    "If you trust Google more than you trust your doctor than maybe it's time to switch doctors."

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