Last night my husband and I found out that our daughter, Mary (my stepdaughter, technically) MAY have lupus. She and her sisters all went for physical exams a few weeks ago as required by their schools, and they took blood samples. Mary's came back "abnormal" and tested "positive for the possibility of lupus." Now, I'm hearing this third hand -- the info has traveled from the doctor to Mary's bio-mom to my husband to me. Mary has to wait another week to go back for testing by a rheumatoid specialist (we have to wait for the insurance to authorize it! :x )

So naturally we're scared. Lupus has never affected anyone we know or anyone in our families. Like I said, I only found out about this yesterday, but I've already read tons of stuff on the Internet, and consulted my mom who's an RN. The weird part is that Mary's only symptoms are hair loss and severe fatigue. She doesn't have any rashes or joint pain, or fever as far as we know. She gets severe headaches, possibly migraines, but I haven't seen that listed anywhere as a lupus symptom. The only medication she's been on recently was for acne, and she takes Ibuprofen for menstrual cramps.

Mary is 17, half Caucasian and half Puerto Rican, and there's no family history of lupus.

I want to know what they might have found in her blood that suggests lupus, especially considering the apparent lack of other symptoms. The doctor's on vacation as of this morning, so we're not going to know anything for a week or more. The waiting is killing us! If anyone has any words of experience that might help, please let me know.