Okay, that's it, I'm done!
I can't take anymore!
Last week was bad enough with learning that the level of protine in my urine just hit +4 and now I have to do a 24 hour urine check thing. The possibility of scar tissue on my lungs, the chest x-ray and having to go back for an ECG and that other breathing test.

And today I finally get the results of a sleep check I had done in July last year! They say that my tests show I have sleep apnoea and I now have to go and be fitted for a CPAP mask and go in for another overnight test!

I swear, whoever dishes all these problems out I'm done with it! Do not give me anything else, I've reached my limit! I'll deal with everything you've already heaped on me but you can keep anything else you have in store thank you very much!

Sorry folks and thank you for space to rant before I start my day!