Hi! My name Is Kathleen. My Grandmother died from lupus 16 yrs ago. She was very sick for a long time and no one knew why until she died. My Mom and I were tested and we both were positive. I was doing OK until 3 years ago. I am 40yrs old, single and have 3 children. I have a full time job but I can not function. The pain is so bad I can not concentrate or sit up. My doctor gave me loracet for a few weeks. It worked great. I only needed to take one a day to get thru work. He will not give a prescription for more and told me to take 4 aleeve a day. They do not work. I did not abuse my prescription because it said I could take them every 6 hours and I only took one. I work on commission and my salary is down to $200 per week. I am so frustrated. I used to work two and three jobs to support my family and now I can't because of the pain and I am so tired. I don't recieve child support for two of my children(long story). So things are really hard right now. I have ventricular tachycardia, fibromayalgia,Migrains, pain from head to toe, hairloss, swelling,my teeth are breaking off, I have weight gain from prednisone,arthritis. My medicine is so expensive and I do not have insurance. I can't visit the doctor any more because I can't afford it. I am at my wits end. I have aged 10 years in a matter of months. I need advise. I know there are so many people with lupus, I was strong for so long but I am not any more. I dont think I can make it another day. Any advise would be great! I just need to get past the pain so I can take care of my family. Thank you Kathleen