I'm in the middle of a disability appeal, and Medicaid took my medicaid from me I dont have the money WHAT so ever to continue seeing my doctor, NONE of my meds are on the 4 dollar list ANYWHERE where i live and I just feel like the stress from it all is killing me faster than the SLE its self, So i've decided to just let it take its toll... my boyfriend found this website and told me to get on it and explain my situation to give giving up a second thought... I've been diagnosed since i was 12 and im 19 now, when i was diagnosed I was told that I was already about 2-3 years into it... I take Plaquinel 200mg twice a day, Lyrica 75mg Naproxen 396mgs (which ive just started takin aleve) I told my boyfriend I would decide to keep fighting if I am granted disability this time... this will have been the 3rd timd if i am turned down... My mom's kicked me out since i was 16 and i've been having to pretty much take care of myself since then... so I understand why someone would want to give up... trust me... by no means is it easy to make this decision... i just cant take the stress anymore, I honestly think i will lose my mind if anything else comes up.