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    I have been on Prednisone 7.5mg for over a year now.. and being that i work in the medical field. i know how bad this medicine is for your health. I visited last week my rhematologist who wants me to start decreasing the strength. I'm all for it, but very scared... being that i'm doing very well and comfortable with what i'm taking. Over this weekend i have started to decrease to 5mg, I'm not feeling myself... any suggestions on an appropiate way to take myself totally off this medicine (thats my goal).. and to replace it.. should i take celebrex?? or lyrica?? :?

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    It is probably your doctor's goal to eventually take you off of Prednisone totally. However, this MUST be done gradually. You MUST wean off of Prednisone slowly. If you stop using it abruptly, you will cause severe damage that you may not be able to recover from.
    You doctor probably intends to put you on another medication, when your dosage of Prednisone gets smaller, that will hopefully replace your Prednisone. The medication that is prescribed to replace Prednisone will depend largely upon the symptoms that you are displaying and what organs are affected. You can discuss which medications are best for you with your doctor.
    Do be aware, however, that while you are decreasing your dosage, if you have a flare, your doctor will increase your dosage until the flare is under control. He will then start your decreasing your dosage again.

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