So my Rheumy put me on methotrexate because my joint pain and swelling has become so severe. My hands look like a gorilla's! Really attractive for a single girl! Man-hands....

Anyway, the methotrexate takes like 6-8 weeks to start working apparently. So I just did my 4th dose this week. I started doing the injections vs. the pills to cut down on the side effects - mostly nausea and vomitting. I was still in so much pain, so my doctor said I should do a short 3-week dose of prednisone until the metho starts kicking in.

I'm telling you, after just 2 days I feel like a new woman! My hands look normal and feminine again! I can make a fist with both hands. I have energy and I just feel incredible. I haven't felt this good in a really long time. It's so nice when you regain yourself! To feel like ME is a really good feeling. To finally feel 29 again.... instead of 79!

I hope everyone is doing well or on the road to recovery.

I'll be praying for you.

Take care,