Is anyone's body in sub freezing temps...low body temperature?

I sweat, heat going from a house comforted with A/C then out the door into a humid, sticky climate of 100 degrees in the shade. Yet my temperature is low when hot or cold. I get the chills, hands, feet and nose cold.

Trying to gather personal experience from everyone. Not much luck on the Internet except with Hypothyroidism...but when my PCP tested TSH they seemed little concerned since it came back in the normal range. I know others tests can be conducted. I had scheduled and canceled since I am having draws for others tests after Valentine's Day. Gut crud. Two for one.

Do you have low temperatures from...

Do tell..

Me, 46...female, no eggs, Lupus, lost weight, gained weight involuntarily...THS 3.134 normal range and I enjoy the beach and my favorite food is sliced tomatoes with fresh basil.

Not feeling too swell lately,