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    Default What do you think?

    Hi All,

    I found out recently that I might have Lupus. The ANA test is borderline high (but not considered excessive), and I waiting for other results. I definitely have something autoimmune, but we are still figuring it out.

    I am a 39yo white male, and the joint & muscle pain symptoms came on suddenly a month ago.
    Here are some of the milder symptoms I have had since childhood:
    Mouth Sores
    Sleep Disturbances
    Mood Fluctuations

    Some warning signs popped up over the last year or so:
    A weird scaly red spot on my cheek
    Stomach/Digestive Trouble
    Brain Fog
    A painful hard cracked callus on my finger
    Sensitivity to sunlight

    This is what developed suddenly last month:
    Intense joint pain
    Intense muscle pain
    Mild Weakness
    Intense Fatigue
    Moderate Stinging Headaches
    Burning Eyes

    My symptoms always seem to be most intense at night. Except if I drink alcohol, when they can affect me in the morning too. My doctor gave me Sulindac, which seems to help me with the pain issues.

    Do you think I have Lupus?

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    Dear Walks in Darkness,

    There are so many diseases that mimic Lupus; that is why it is best to make an appt with a rhuemy. The labs should be ran for Lupus to rule it out and can be located under "Criteria Newly Diagnosed." I originally had joint and muscle pain after exposure to sunlight and later flourescent lights. The red spot on your cheek was it circular and raised?

    Until you see a rhuemy and get lab results, I would slather on the SPF 50 sunscreen and wear hats outside. Long sleeve dark shirts and dark pants would be protective. Nylon is protective from UVA & UVB. If it is indeed Lupus, more than likely they will begin you on a regimen of Plaquenil which takes 3-4 months to build up in your system.

    Make that rheum. appt. In the meantime, google life insurance on the web and get some for the future. Hopefully you will not need it. Once you are diagnosed with Lupus, you are not eligible for Life Insurance and will be denied. Check out Daniel J. Wallace's book Lupus for Patients and Families which can be found on ebay or amazon. Keep us updated and hang in there. We have all been there at one time or another.

    Take care,

    Faith 8) 8)

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    Hi WID,

    How goes life today? Still being probed, poke and jabbed? Find a defined diagnoses yet or on the roller coaster still.

    Despite not having a diagnose we hope you are taking care of yourself to minimize your, good eats, listening to your body.

    Let us know how goes life,
    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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    Hey WID,

    Well it sounds like you have something. The problem is getting a lupus diagnosis is sometimes hard for the docs. There are so many things that it can be, I guess.

    I hope that you are doing better, today.

    May the doc find the right diagnosis,


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