Hey living in my Day dream! Well, I have the same problem too. I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 13 and at that time I was in secondary school. I am 16 now and in my final year of my secondary school and I have been living with lupus for 3 years. My parents did the same thing too. They often say that my medicines cost a lot especially cellcept and cellcept costs $2.00 PER tablet. Having lupus have taught me to be really patient and to let go of things that I cannot have. Sometimes, I feel sorry for my parents who have to even work on weekends and sell the house to move into a smaller apartment. My parents cannot buy things that they want because the money is spent on me. As I am the only child, sometimes I wonder why does it have to happen to me. Anyway, I know I'm ranting here but I just hope that I can stop taking cellcept next year as what my doctor had predicted. And now, instead of taking 6 pills per day, im taking 3 cellcept pills per day because I want to help my parents cut cost. Unlike other people who don't take meds because they don't want to, I do that because of financial reasons. I hope that everyone who has lupus will be able to lead a normal life. Fight on!