Hi there,

My name is Candace and I am a mommy of four kiddos.. One of which has had tons of testing over the past year .... She got really sick last year and after tons of test came back they thought she had cancer... well they did the bone marrow and other sorts of scans and ruled that out..... She has been going back and forth to the hemotologist getting tested... For a few test her white cells and platlets were coming back low ..All of her blood results are finally coming back good besides the ANA which is has tested positive twice.. the last one came in at 1.640 ( please can someone explain to me what that level means) all I have been told is that it is high.. The first ANA was high but this second test just got higher... My daughter is 7 years old. Her main things are very achy joints arms and behind the neck mainly and she does get fever blisters...and at times she does get super exhausted.and we just found out that she was having alittle bit of a hard time seeing so she just got a pair of glasses.. ..... I am glad I found this site so hopefully I can learn more about autoimmune problems.. We have been referred to a pediatric rheumologist (( i might have got that wrong all these words are so confusing)) to further her testing....

Just wanted to add any input would be greatly appreciated.. I am just really confused and don't know what to think or what is going on..

Thanks for reading,,