I'm a 37 yreas old female. I was diagnosised with lupus about 15 months ago. My doc keeps telling me "you'll be ok" That's easy for him to say. I must admit though, after reading some of the other posts I'm probably doing better than some but I'm still having a hard time. I've been on prednizone from the start which my rheumy wants me to get off of but I don't feel he's giving me any other options to control my pain. About my rheumy, has anyone had your doc tell you that they thought "suffering was a good thing" and that they are ok with you having some pain??? Mine did and that statement has made me think maybe it's time to try a different doc. Anyway, I'm on plaquenill also but not sure that's helping much. I've had pain since september when the weather changed. Summer months seem to be my best (living in WA state, there's not much summer months though) and fatique can be quite a challenge. Does anyone have any info on alternative medicine? I've recently started accupunture and I take a whole handful of suppliments (not herbal) that I almost think help me just as much as the prescriptions. Well, enough of my babbling. Just nice to have someone out there going through the same thing for support. Thanks for any info!