After several trips to ICU, it seems they are finally finding a stabilization routine for my love.

They did put her on a low dose of Cytoxan - only once a month. They also put her on insulin to counterbalance the incredibly high blood sugar caused by the prednisone.

We are hoping she won't have to continue the dialysis but for now, she is still doing 3 x a week on that.

The doctors said she is recouperating beautifully considering how bad off she was at the onset of the hospital stay.

I hope to learn as much as I can about SLE because, honestly, I am here for her through thick, thin and all the shades in between. I want to know the battle we are up against and ways to keep things as stable as possible.

This forum has been a Godsend. Honestly, you have NO idea how thankful I am to have found this place. Everyone has been so helpful.

It has taken a seemingly terrible situation and made it something manageable and less intimidating.

Thank you thank you thank you...