:roll: other animals? Yeah, like pit bull.... and currently "fierce wolf" ?! :shock:

Lillbit, there's a website that has a story on it that you should read. The story is "The Spoon Theory." The website: www.butyoudontlooksick.com It is about a young woman in college who is living with lupus. You might find it... relevant.

I work at a college, I'm lucky, my lupus is mild and pretty much confined to manageable pain and fatigue. But I see students who have challenges on a regular basis. Talk to the ADA counselor/coordinator at your school. You may need to go to a modified schedule for a bit, so that you can pace yourself and not stress yourself into a flare. The ADA counselor might even be able to help reschedule finals - so that you don't have 2 on one day.

Many hugs, Liz, and welcome to our forum.