I have a question...so my whole life i have been working towards going to dental school..but ever since i was diagnosed with lupus i am so tired that any physical job causes me to become exhausted and i cant function. I worked as a dental assistant for about 3 months and it caused me to have a flare-up because i ran around alot and it was stressful. So now i am afraid to go through 4 years of stressful grad school and not finish or make it because it'll be too much...I am very smart so i wanted a well respected job helping people and i have a bachelors in science and now i am stuck because i dont know what to do with my life or where to go from here. Everyone has to adapt to their lupus and i guess my question is does anyone have advice about jobs for people who have lupus?? I dont want a job that will cause my lupus to flare-up all the time and further damage my kidneys (seeing as how i am on the borderline of dialysis)....any advice would be appreciated