I was diagnosed on Nov. 9 after being sick for about a month and going downhill very quickly the last two weeks of oct.
I have had a few good days recently but they followed a week or more of extreme pain. My left arm hurts so bad and my fingers are numb. legs, knees ankles, shins, ribs....you name it; it hurts. Oh and the nausea
About a week and a half ago i thought maybe I was going into remission....I was wrong.

I am on ibuprofen for inflamation, Lyrica for pain, Cymbalta for depression(it is also supposed to help with pain). Also insulin and glumetza for my diabetes.

I have been watching the clock for the four hour mark to come as i can take ibuprofen every four hours. I know that it is probably affecting my nausea.

I told my HubbyMan to just shoot me and put everyone out of this misery....just get it done.

I hurt so bad and am missing so much of my kids lives.

So can anyone tell me how long before this eases up? How long after diagnoses do things get better? Am I gonna be like this for the rest of my life? It sucks! (sorry...can I say that here?)
Do you have any encouraging words for me?