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Thread: At a loss..What next? Any the end of road.

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    Also, in answer to your question,( I guess I didn't read what you asked before writing you.) :lol: The doc did a scope on me. the first time I also had such low blood pressure that they had a problem bringing me back. Don't know what they did different the second time but that is when they found the barretts. The first time I had these little ulcers all up and down my esophagus...gross

    I also have teenagers (7) and 3 young adults all but one are living here. Two will be moving out soon....I hope...(my fingers are crossed) so I understand what you are saying about your older one. Actually, I am waiting for the aliens to bring a few of my kids back, .
    They do not realize that what we have might kill us. All they have known is when we their parents have always been there. Lupus is so long lasting and has so many tentacles that I guess they forget..and get caught up in their own stuff. when does the world stop revolving around them..I forget.....I know I was probably just like them...The only difference is like aluwa, I also moved out and never came back to live. this is a different generation for sure.
    I also am very guilty of buying them what they want.

    Oh well live and learn.

    In Him,


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    Hi Todd,

    Did your son arrive on the recent UFO sigthing in Texas.....?

    Rub a bit of Vermont's Bag Balm for cows chapped teats mixed with Cortizone-10 on you red spots...might help.

    I dread being poked and prodded too. I have to get psyche upped. I haven't been able to myself either. Maybe this Monday.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Over n out,

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    Default Vomiting

    I am pretty new, so I am just catching up on many of the things going back and forth. I have osteoporosis and borderline high sugar from the prednisone, and they have a rough time treating me, too. I had to be hospitalized last fall due to the extreme vomiting, and they finally put me on Reglan. It makes your stomach empty quicker, so there is less chance to vomit. I still "urp" a lot (you will understand that, I'm sure), but not the huge emesis as before.
    Not only did I have trouble with all of those meds, plus the osteo meds, but I also couldn't take hardly any narcotics. Everything made me so sick, I would rather just curl up in bed and hurt. Talk about no quality of life! After the start of Reglan, I have been able to somewhat tolerate a few more things. There are lots of side effects with Reglan, too, so they don't rush to put people on it; but when you are out of your mind miserable, hey, ya gotta do something!
    For stress, since I get sick on essentially all the drugs, I started an "under the tongue" pill called Risperdal. It dissolves under the tongue and helps so much with stress relief! Very little gets to the stomach to bother you.
    Hope you are able to find some workable solutions, 'cause you are needed more than you know! Those children who don't seem to appreciate you now, would feel your loss profoundly, so don't let go too quickly.
    I just love the saying, "Life is not about moments that make us breathless but about the ones that take our breath away..."


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    HI PIF,

    I'm joining this conversation way late, but I wanted to let you know that I have lupus nephritis, and I'm near stage 4 in the shut down process...I have had to discontinue salt and drink tons and tons of water.

    About Cellcept, I really believe it helped save my life when I was too sick to hold my head up or move out of bed; it seems to be the easiest to tolerate and is quite powerful without the side effects of methyltrexate. I would encourage you to ask your doctor about it....I had pretty high doses and was able to keep it down without the stomach problems of everything else.

    I think we ALL serve such a mighty and powerful safety net for one another on this website. Saysusie had a dream bigger than I think she could have ever imagined when she started this. You have hearts and prayers holding you every minute of every day, you are not alone nor will we ever leave you alone. As human beings, our limits are tested with these trials and at times it feels like "I'm too tired in my soul to keep on keeping on", I know I have felt like that. Some days you just want to go to sleep and not wake up with pain.

    Preparing for our departure from this life is difficult to think about much less to work out; but having worked in the medical field for over 20 years - and losing two brothers suddenly; I decided that I want to make it as uncomplicated as possible for my loved ones...they all know my preferences and that I want a "celebration of my life" occassion, I hate funerals...they're too sad and it's not my style. I want everyone to bring their memories and stories of our time together and be joyful of the opportunities that we had together. I'm sure this might freak some people out, but when I went to my first "celebration of life" party - it turned my whole thinking inside out and said to myself "what a great idea"...and it was truly an enjoyable day and we all discovered that we had much more in common with one another because of the love we shared that person. Does that make sense?

    My prayer for you is that you will have the strength to need not be graceful; I pray that when you have those "small bursts" of pain free moments that you soak them up like a dry sponge and breathe deep the fresh air of love. You have so much to give to your family, and let them love you through this...we all need an anchor in our lives that makes us stay our course...and you have family and friends that are willing and I'm sure waiting for you to call and I hope you will....and let them be a blessing to you in your time of need. After all, it's what shows us how committed those relationships really are. Love is about giving and I'm sure you've done your let others give to you the help and nurturing you need.

    Cry when you need to, sleep when you want to, dream everyday...and remember how precious you are to so many in your life. You have added so much to our by sharing yourself with us. We honor you and hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless You, Todd.

    Much love,
    "I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." - unknown

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