Hi everyone,

Well, I wrote that I had a positive ANA. I also wrote about my skin which is doing much better. Well, I just saw my specialist and the ANA is still raised. I have signs of sorjornes syndrome and scarlerma derma. I bet I just massacred the names of those diseases. My doctor thinks I am going into remission which is good and I do not have to be put on any medications. I had already self-diagnoses and convince a nurse practitioner from the dermatologist office to give me a pred/pack.

I am here first before I start researching. I am not ready to own this disease and will try all holistic methods to keep myself healthy. I was told to avoid stress.....ha!, not easy when someone tells you that you have a disease. I said I would keep you posted and this is the rest of my story.

I know the above misspelled diseases are very unpleasant to say the least, but I will read until my eyes fall out to protect myself from getting them.

My favorite things are the outdoors and boating. I own 2 boats. I am not willing to give them up. I understand there is protective make-up, sunscreen, and clothing. It would be most appreciative if some of you could make the best recommendations. I will alter my life but try not to change it. I am also, no fool, and will do what needs to be done to protect myself. I will take the advice from you fine folks who already know the routine.

Many thanks for any feedback...way in advance,