Hi guys (I mean that in the generic sense),

Reading through the recent posts made me wonder a little about the future.

I am 28, male, MCTD for 7 years and now with SLE. I am sure you all remember what it felt like when you are young. In your twenties, you expect to live to the ripe old age. Then when you read you have 25% chance of NOT living past your 50th birthday (twenty years after diagnosis)--it does feel a little bit morbid.

I have always pushed myself hard in my work and plans years in advance. When I managed to get a tenured university post at the age of 26--I thought my life is set--dreaming of a comfortable retirement one day.

That is until the big "L" turned me into a clown--pale face, red nose and cheeks along with the other wonderful symtoms.

I do like to think positively, but I do wonder--am I doomed to get serious kidney involvement at some stage? My kidneys were slightly inflammed from my last flare--is this really just the beginning? I was told 50% of us will get kidney involvement--is this right?

They keep telling me prognosis for lupus is generally good--but then I see these statistics and they tell me something else...or maybe I am looking at it the wrong way.

Or maybe I am just reading the wrong stats off the dodgy sites.