Happy New Year's Brothers & Sisters!!!!

My hopes for you this coming year are:
That you will find renewal in your hopes and dreams
That you will choose to see the good in every situation
That you will understand that all pain makes us stronger
That you can choose how you live your life with lupus; live it with determination, tempered with self-compassion, take time to rest, and never give up!!
That you will keep a smile in your heart, when you feel like crying....because "this too shall pass".

I wish for you all that joy will follow all the days of your life, that loving ourselves through this disease is paramount in our quality of life. My hope and my prayer is that you all will find and maintain peace in your lives.

We have been brought together by Lauri's brave fight for life and her mother's dream to bring us all together....for soothing relief when we feel lost; for laughter when we're feeling down...and wisdom when we're just beginning this journey. We thank you Saysuzie for all that you do to keep us STEADY on this journey we all walk together. Without you, where would we be?

May God bless each and every one of you, my you choose joy and may God's peace follow you all the days of your life.

All My Love,