About a couple of weeks ago my wife and I noticed some minor skin pigmentation discoloration on the elbow of my 6 year old daugther. We took her to a dermotologis (in fact 2 dermotologists). Neither of them for sure knew what it was but said it could be Vitiligo. One of them suggested to have her blood examined.And so we did and today came the results.

Her Antinuclear Antibody is positive 2.7, which is bad and possible symtom of Lupus. Her Dr. said nothing is certain at this stage and further testing needs to be done.
By reading a little on Lupus both my wife and I are so scared it is byond us to express how we feel right now. My Daugher also from time-to-time has been complaining about stomach ache. We have always treated that as her way of getting attention, but last night she woke up from sleep and complained about stomach pain. (again from the little we have read seems to be possible symptom of Lupus).

Her Dr. will be talking to a specialist and we would know more next week. But it is just beyond expression how we feel. Please help us understand what this is, and whether what I have described is/can-be Lopus and how to deal with it (especially since this is just a 6 year old girl whom I will gladly take all her pain and everything else that is bad just so I can see her smiling).

Please help...