Hello everyone! I am a 48 year old female who after 12 years of various symptoms was diagnosed with SLE. I think the hardest thing for me was getting a diagnosis!! I am an Registered Nurse who developed the classic butterfly rash 12 years ago and developed hair loss at the same time. Only my sed rate was elevated at the time, and my g.p. mentioned lupus but decided against it since my ANA was negative. Here 12 years later and a horrendous summer, I developed joint pain in wrists and ankles, extreme weakness and fatigue, and my doctor kept saying "I don't know what is wrong". Convinced that something was wrong and thinking back to the lupus, I took all my lab results to a friend who is a very good MD. He took one look at my lab and listened to my history and says yep you have lupus. However, I am one of the less than 10% who do not have a positive ANA. He started me on prednisone to get me through the holidays until I can get into a rheumotologist. It worked for a couple of weeks, and now the pain is back full force. Any suggestions?? Is it common for prednisone to not work in Lupus?? Thanks for listening. I look forward to reading your posts.