Hi tintin28,

I am glad to hear your wife is supportive; my husband is too. At times though he thinks I am being paranoid about sun and flourescent lights. :cry: It's tough to compete with a dishwasher! lol! 8)

Nylon/polyester would be great and as dark as you can get. My neighbor made the curtains (skylights) 2 sided with polyester fill in between the layers of polyester/nylon for extra protection and more depth. She used 3 expandable curtain rods across the window to keep the curtains closer to the skylight and block more light. 2 at each end and 1 in the middle with a sleeve for the middle rod. Ironically, I have always wanted to have skylights (prior to Lupus) and now I am very thankful I don't have them.

I haven't seen the flashy LED lamps yet; I will have to check that out when they come down in price. Mmmm, thanks for passing the info on.

I hear you; it's more fun to be outside than inside all the time. I was a very outdoorsy person; I adapted but still miss simple things like swimming in our pool with my children during daylight. In the Summer; my house looks like a batman cave. Dark!! lol.

Take care,