I was tentatively diagnosed with systemic lupus by my dermatologist when I showed up with a malar rash, sleep habits that varied from 10-12 hours a day (not normal for a 19 year-old), and ana blood tests with a high titration count. My follow-up visit to a rheumatologist had similar blood test results and my rash had cleared up due to topical corticosteroid use. I was also sleeping less. My rheumatologist seemed unimpressed with my symptoms and told me I might have systemic lupus, but I wasn't showing enough symptoms to be officially diagnosed. He also had no other suggestions as to what I might have. Nevertheless, I was told to act as though I do have lupus...stay out of the sun, continue to use topical corticosteroids (locoid cream), reduce stress, and avoid cigarettes and caffiene. 2 years later I am still having "flare-ups," where the rash comes back and I'm exhausted. I still take the same medication, because if I stop the rash gets horrible. I feel like I'm in limbo. Not feeling bad enough to actually be diagnosed with lupus, not feeling good enough to be well. Do I have to be hospitalized to be diagnosed? I know that my illness, if it is indeed lupus, isn't as bad as many individuals', and for that I feel very grateful. But I would still like some measure of certainty. I feel like a disease that I may not have is controllong my life. If anybody has had a similar psuedodiagnosis, I would appreciate any advice, information, support, anything. Thanks.