Hahahaha! Do you guys know that lupus actually means wolf in latin? So interesting right? I was wondering, lupus, what does it actually means?
Okay. I shall start about myself. My name is Rayhanah and I am 16 next year (2008). Why am I here? Hehe. Well, I was looking around for a site about lupus and then I stumble into this site and I am so glad that there is such things as a lupus forum.

I still remember when I was 13 and was diagnosed with lupus. I do not know what lupus was. I have never heard of it. Still, I was siting at the hospital bed and thinking that I will be fine. Went I go back to school, I had to quit my uniform club and joined another club. I couldn't tell my friends what had happened to me because I don't even know what was happening to me. I just told them that my one week stay in hospital was due to high fever.

I take steroids and plaquenil and sometimes experience joint pains especially at my leg area. And then all of a sudden, my paedatrician gets all serious and start telling me that my lupus has started to attack my kidney. And then she send me to wait outside the room. I still remembered that I was so scared that I just cried infront of everyone at the clinic. My dad comfort me saying that it'll be okay.

I went for biopsy and they found out that I had lupus nephritis class III. I was sent to cyclophosmaside, but after 7 times of the same treatment, my doctor found out that there was still protein in my urine. She then changed it to mycophenolate mofetil, which I am taking now.

Recently, my grandmother, who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, had kidney failure. She had to undergo dialysis. At around the same time, our family was thinking of going to visit my mum's family at another country. I told them that I can cut my medicines and we can visit the doctor next year, because visits to the clinic is very expensive and my medicines is not subsidised. But because of what happened to my grandmother, my dad became scared and cancelled the whole trip.

I was disappointed that we could not go on the trip this year as it was also cancelled last year. Sometimes, I envy my friends who do not have diseases and remind them to take care of their health properly. Because when diseases come, you sometimes don't even realise it.

Thank You for reading these.