My name is Reva. I'm 41, the "mamaw" of one beautiful little boy, 2 great kids, a great husband and I'm scared to death.

I hadn't been feeling well, my legs and feet were swelling, I was getting headaches and fatigue. My whole body was in pain, an I had no idea what was happening to me. My body felt like it just had a mind of its own. I went to see my doctor, who ran test after test. They called me today at my place of employment and asked that I come to his office as soon as I got off work. I did so, not sure about what he would tell me. He told me I have Lupus, and as much as he tried to explain the disease and effects on my body, I think I just tuned him out in shock. After having a nice little breakdown about 3 hours ago today, I decided to take charge and investigate this disease further. Needless to say, I am terrified and confused at the information I am finding.

The medications I am reading about seem to have terrible side effects that scare me.

I am so confused as to WHY I got this disease, what caused it and is it life threatening? I'm so sorry for rambling on, I just need some help here to understand what I will be going through with this. Any imput will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.