I have been "sick " since august! I was tanning alot and all of a sudden had this really weird looking patch of what i though was exzema on my arm well then ya know being the un informed indiviual that i am i kept going tanning thinking hmmmm maybe this will get better by tanning! okay well this little patch, turned in to many even weirder patches all over my arms then my legs, chest yeah about evey where you could see! so into the doc's then in to the derm then into the internal med doc, then back to the er then back to the derm then to 2 other derms!!!!!! not to mention prednizone~~ yeah 60 mg for hmmm over a month and yet still nothing helped! o my ogd i was going to the doctor like it was a fulltime job! ( mind you i couldn 't work cuz i felt so CRAPPY) so pretty much the whole month of sept and litterally the whole month of oct i was in bed and had biopsy after biopsy done to rule this and that out but all seemed to be the same sypmtoms of lupus! all 3 derms took one look at me and said SCLE ! I had never heard of this before and went on line and looked up every rash under the sun and ironicall enough I had the exact rash!!!!!1 go figure!
so here I am undiagnosed and very frustrated! my legs look like michael jackson did when he didnt know if he was black or white ! yeah which supposedly they want to say was from hypo pigmentaion something... well I;m not convinced. i have been to the rhuem and to an endroconolgist ( which i am seeing again today ) the nuerologist pretty much evry ologist there is ! =) I am frustrated and confused how can i have allllllll the symptoms and the excat rash and yet feel like every doctor is pawning me off to each other like here you figure it out no you figure it out!!!! i am 24 yrs old and there are days where if eel like i am 94!! i ache and am really tired i feel llik ei have mono maybe im just depressed, I dont know... its hard not having an answer and the sacry thing is my dad has been dealing with some of the same symptoms for almost 6 yrs! but no rash.... they say its the joachim deseiase! I finally made an appointment at the U of minnesota hopefully they can give me answers! please if anyone knows what test i should be asking for to get done to get this figured out let me know
thaks talk more later