Hi Everyone!


Boy, I've been gone for a long time! I am SO sorry that I have been unable to contact you guys for so long, but I will explain why; believe me, I would never abandon you! You all mean SO very much to me! :cry:

After weeks and weeks of suffering severely with my bowels and seeing my G.P. only to be given Spasmo-Canulase, then Flagyl as well, then Librax as well, with two Buscopans every four hours throughout this period, Kantrexil (none of which took my problems away or helped very much) and then fainting in the middle of my Physics Exam because I was in so much pain and having severe fevers, but still being ignored by my G.P. when I explained my family history of Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Colorectal Cancer, Bowel Prolapse, severe G.E.R.D., Ulcers, Stomach Cancer, etc. and begged for scopes to be done, my mother and I had finally had ENOUGH!

So, my mother and I spoke to my Psychiatrist and he recommended a colleague of his who is the best G.I.T. Surgeon around. We made an appointment and I saw him this morning.

He spoke to my mother and I first, then spoke to my Psychiatrist over the phone and then did a Sigmoidoscopy (a type of anal scope) and found LOADS of pin-prick patches of bleeding and inflammation throughout the bottom part of my colon and rectum! I have ULCERATIVE COLITIS! He took some urgent bloods and a biopsy and will let me know how they come out when they get the results (will let you know). He's prescribed me some special medicine, which my Pharmacy had to order for me! It wasn't so much painful as uncomfortable when he did the scope, but it was VERY painful afterwards because of the air they had to blow in my colon!

My mother was so relieved that I was finally getting some relief for the severe pain that I was in, that she actually began to cry... :cry: She is SO, SO, SO VERY ANGRY with the doctors who made me SUFFER and IGNORED me when I actually had something really serious going on! That discharge that was coming out of my anus was MUCUS, which was being excreted in massive amounts by my rectum, so that my body could try and show me that something was very wrong and NOBODY (well, doctor-wise) BLOODY (forgive me) listened to me!

I failed my Mathematics Exams (I have NEVER failed anything in my entire life) because I was forced to write them with fevers of 39 degrees Celsius, EXCRUCIATING pain, severe unstoppable diarrhea and a rectum that was slowly seeping blood and mucus out in a desperate attempt to grab my attention and get some much-needed help!

I have not really been allowed near the computer before today and here's why. I began to have uncontrollable and frequent seizures and severe migraines again due to all the nutrients my body was failing to absorb and spilling out in massive amounts each day. Although I do not have Photosensitive Epilepsy, my mother did not want me anywhere near the flickering computer screen because she was too worried about the damage it may have caused me seizure-wise. That may sound silly to you, but believe me, I do not blame my mother because I have been SERIOUSLY ill! I have hardly been able to climb out of the bed due to severe fatigue (not surprising in light of my recent diagnosis, is it?) and now, my knees are buckling continuously. I think that the knee-buckling is Cataplexy (Much worse when I'm very tired and happens when I feel sort-of "strange") and that I may now have developed Narcolepsy... This does not surprise me because I have spent most nights wide-awake with my mother beside me, either almost screaming in pain or in the bathroom, vommiting or suffering severe diahrrea or unable to lie down due to severe gastric reflux, which not only irritated my esophagus and stomach, but also my throat (already dry and cracked due to Sjogren's) and my Asthmatic chest! :x My sleep patterns, never particularly good, were now shattered and now my brain has had more than enough and I don't blame it!

Sorry to vent so much, but I had to get it out there!

Thank you SO much for always being there for me! :cry: