Hi All

Iíve lurked around these boards for a few weeks while awaiting the return of my blood results which have taken four weeks. I think those have thus far, been the longest four weeks of my life.

To start my story Iíve always been a bit sickly, always suffering from one thing or another to the point that earlier this year I was giving a warning at work for having been off a total of 19 days in the previous twelve months. I was devastated, I cannot help being sick and I am not one to take a Ďsickyí unless I truly am sick.

But this year I started to have some pain in my hips and in the front of my pelvis. I didnít have it every day but I ended up in A&E one night, unable to lift my left leg off the floor without almost passing out from pain. They scanned me for a suspected ruptured ovarian cyst but found nothing (I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome too so this seemed the obvious reason to everyone). I was scanned again a week later when the pain stared to come back but still no cysts or remains of one.

Around the same time I was sent for a sleep check as I keep falling asleep during the day. I canít help it, its like a wave comes over me and I just have to lie down and go to sleep. As a single mother of two children under the age of 5 this isnít ideal!!!

And two years ago, after a day at the beach, I woke up the next morning with a face like a pepperoni pizza. The most horrific rash Iíve ever seen covered both my cheeks, a little way down onto my neck and across my forehead. I was diagnosed with Acne Rosacea and that was that until this year when I was sent to see a dermatologist to make sure that I was receiving the right treatment for my skin.

It was the dermatologist who decided to run some tests and first mentioned Lupus. Iíll admit its something I had never actually heard about before.

So today, after four horrible weeks of waiting, my GP calls to say that a letter has come back from the Dermatologist. Apparently some of my blood work was negative and some was positive. I tested Negative for ANA and Positive for ENA. She mentioned something about Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (one of which could be SLE) and something about another blood test being positive too.. SN.. And another few initials but that point Iíd lost my concentration Iím sad to say. She said that the dermatologist thinks that they need to keep a close eye on me and she wants me to go for a few more blood tests, the main one being Rheumatoid Factor?? Or something close to that anyway ~lol~ So thatís going to be tomorrows fun, I hate needles!

So the part I canít work out is, with a Negative ANA and Positive ENA, could this still turn out to be Lupus? Anyone got a better clue than me?

Any help and advice would be more than appreciated!

Thank you!