Hi, I'm Kim. I'm 30 and live in Oregon and was diagnosed with SLE 2 weeks ago. I'm currently on my 4th second opinion, but the doctors are all being stubborn so I suppose it's time to accept it. I got the 4th lupus dx on Monday this week. I was so certain they had made the wrong diagnosis that I didn't consider it real until then.

I've been dealing with symptoms for close to 10 years but since they all occurred separately no one made the connection until I demanded my doc biopsy this rash I've had for more than 5 years. I thought I was allergic to the sun, thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis...well, everything you can think of really. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADD 4 years ago and since then most docs have assumed my complaints were "all in my head". Looks like the problems with my head may not have even been in my head afterall. It sounds like a lot of the mental health issues can be related to SLE too.

I'm not taking any meds yet because we're waiting on some more detailed blood work to determine if I should take just the antimalarials or if they should throw in prednisone too. Back to the doc Monday for meds.

I've spent the last 2 days sitting at home staring at the wall trying to come to terms with this. It didn't help. My boss has been great an offered me as much time off as I need to deal with it. I decided I would be better off at work today, hoping a distraction would help. I go back and forth with "this is no big deal, I can handle it" and "I wanna crawl in a hole and forget this ever happened". I suppose that's probably normal.

I've done tons of reading on Lupus and I think I get the gist, but what I'd really like to hear is how it effects your day to day life....kind of a "what should I expect".

Thanks in advance!