Hi Crystalcandace,

When I say coin shaped, I mean they are round like a penney and slightley raised. I have never had dots; though everyone is different. Have you had it biopsied by a dermotologist? I have been through rounds of biopsies through internist; the best suggestion is to call around to dermotologists to see if they specialize in Lupus or treat related skin issues. Maybe your rhuemy can make a suggestion?

I would want to rule out Lupus, see Newly Diagnosed and the subsection Lupus criteria. One of the labs usually ran is a Sed rate. You can also check out webmd and type in Lupus labs and it will list them.

I broke out in acne, not like your typical pimples, dark red, scaly, dermotologist suggested special wash and it finally calmed down. Still have red scars from it; more annoying than anything.

I don't know if I have helped; but we are all here. You are not alone. if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

Take care,