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in need of advice
hi everyone my name is Candace. I have been having medical problems since my first pregnancy 3 years ago- including Toxemia/ Hellp Syndrome, premature labor, thrombocytopenia, recurrent miscarriages, placenta previa, etc. Anyways- I have a blood transfusion the last round- though I did not bleed out. The doctors still have left me to the theory that i had caught a viral and it attacked my good blood cells leaving me needing the transfusion. Anyways I am not pregnant anymore- have 2 healthy boys and not planning on anymore pregnancies due to the severity of my complications I got my tubes tied. When my OB released me he gave me a note for my practiconer and said they would want to run test. This note said: positive anitcardiolipin antibodies. They would not run the test so I gave it to my cardio. and he ran Lupus screening test (vipor venum ...etc) resulting in a Positive. When I started having the major problems I had been sick for around a month or so...having rashes across my forhead and all over my body...slightly on my cheeks. (more inflammed on my forehead though.) So after the POSTIVIE I went back to my practioner and finally they ran tests. I had High MPV, ANA Titer 1:80 neg., Positive Lupus Anticoagulant, High APTT, - I have had these rashes again and again the cheeks become brighter have a day or two but they always start wtih my forhead. I am not on heparin so the drugs have not induced these results. Anyways - my practioner has decided that I dont have Lupus but wants to diagnosis me with APS which a lot of Lupus patients have anyways (explaining my blood problems) but not the rashes not the extreme fatigue and wrists and body aches. Not that every time I am sick I am sick for long periods 2 weeks min. and I catch everything. I have written down a loooooooooong list of symptoms even dating flares? and what happened each day for a 3 week period - that dont explain just APS...what should I do? Am I over reacting - does anyone think I should be concerned- also been losing my hair slowly - its everywhere not patches but just slowly falling out- never had this before until my last preg. when my hair suddenly became brittle. I am only 24 and a mother of 2 just in need of some good advice - maybe to help me at my next appt. I have scheduled with a rheumotologist and steriods on hand for next flare in case he says. Thanks for listening sorry so long... Candace