and I'm going through the ordeal of finding out whether or not my 17 year old daughter has an autoimmune disease. I've been in a state of pure panic for the past two months, and completely stressed for three years now. Finally a Neurologist, Hemotologist and next the Rheumatologist on November 29.

My daughter was very active until the age of 15. She began having extreme knee problems, was taken out of PE, then finally home schooling. First she was diagnosed with migraines/tension headaches and put on Topomax. The Topomax did indeed take the headaches completely away but within six months she was down to 84 lbs. She's 5'2" tall so she was looking anorexic. Got her off the Topomax and asked Neuro to perform some blood work. Her plateletts were low and her lymphocytes were out of whack a bit. Took her to Primary care physician with swollen lymph glands and she was put on a strong antibiotic which took down the swolen glands but was still referred to the Hematologist. He ran more blood work including an ana and everything was back to normal. Said the platelett count could have very well been low due to the Topomax which it is notorious for doing. Glad they decided to tell me eight months later. Anyway, she now she has joint pain in toes, fingers, elbows, stabbing pain in chest from time to time. No fever, no rash, no ulcers and her headaches are back. I must admit that I am more frightened than I have ever been in my life and seem to think that this is certainly a death sentence for her in the next ten/twenty years. I really could use some optimism right now because I'm going stark raving crazying in Hesperia.

Thanks so much for reading my post and I'm so sorry that I am not more upbeat but all I can seem to do is research, write, print, panic and cry.

Bye for now,