Hey everyone

My name is Dora and I'm from Canada. I have a childhood friend who got diagnosed with lupus and it got me to do a lupus awareness site, with info but mostly people's experiences with it, both technically, and emotionally. I can probably just gather stories randomly but I would feel better asking you if you would like to send me your stories by email (d_corr@alcor.concordia.ca), basically you can include the following things...if you have a family history, emotional changes/how did you deal with it, what were your symptoms, do you have different ones each time, does it come and go, do you constantly have symptoms, and anything else you think you should mention. even just advice for those who are getting diagnosed. I can post the site link once everything is done (the project is due december 4th so soon!) I realllyyyy appreciate your help. thanks a bunch if you submit anything at all.