I am new to sle and this forum. I have been being told for years that the symptoms were all in my head so "take cympalta because DEPRESSION hurts" This has been for the last 5-8 years. I recently went to a new gen pract and he had the good sence to do the first ANA. I went to a Rheumy who said that the only thing that he thought was wrong with me was Fibromyalgi and then proceeded to tall me that he liked to refer to it as "crazy woman's disease" : I want for a second opinion who took other tests as well as really examing me and with the rash on my face as well as all of the other painful things he said that I did have Lupus and Fibro. Possible celiac and lupoid hepatitis. Those other Dr's are worthless in my book.
Well thanks for listening to my vent.