Hello everyone,

First of all, let me thank you guys for being on this forum and having it. I see a lot of posts and they've already helped clear up some questions i've had. This is an invaluable resource.

My fiance was notified last night by her doctor that she has lupus. I've tried to do a lot of digging since then and i still have tons of questions. I'll try not to ask them all at once as it would be overwhelming.

The major questions i have are as follows.

1) I read that the flare cycle varies from person to person, but vaguely how long are these cycles? Do they occur multiple times a day, on a weekly basis, monthly?

2) Are there any temporary "fixes" for flares that will help? Something that will help the burning sensation, such as drinking cold water, taking a cold shower, or something along those lines?

3) I'm trying to take my fiance to a Rheumatologist sometime early next week. Any idea how much they charge? She doesn't have insurance and now it'll be extremely tough for us to get it for her. How often are follow-ups done?

4) Any medicine that you guys would recommend? We're still trying to figure out what kind of lupus she has, and i'm sure the rheumatologist will be a great help in that respect as well as identifying the triggers etc but What do you guys use for the burning sensation? I've seen a lot of suggestions on the medicine board and was just wondering what most people would recommend so i have a better idea when we go to the rheumatologist.

Thank you for the time and replies in advance.
Wishing everyone the best!

-- Concerned one